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Volume 11, Issue 3: Anvil

The Gumby God

Douglas Wilson

When writing about the war in Kosovo, an editorial writer in search of a theme doesn't know what it is that leaves him staring more agape at the television screen. Is it the hubris of this administration lecturing people elsewhere in the world on the meaning of morality, and then bombing them until they promise to be better? Or is it the thundering incompetence that attends this administration whenever it gets within shouting distance of anything military?

But these, really, are mere distractions. They are not the central problem with our exploits in the Balkans. Our difficulty is not inconsistency, it is not incompetence, it is not the future of NATO. Our problem, biblically understood, is our national and systemic wickedness. We are not good guys blundering; on the international scene, we are now the constituted evil.
The theology of contemporary secularism maintains that there is no such thing as truth, and this idolatrous faith is now the established religion of our nation. In terms of this religion, Mr. Clinton lives consistently, and strives to attain the crown. He lies, constantly and unremittingly. A devotee in the Temple of his god, the god of relativism, the gumby god, he consistently lives out his faith. And the reason he is still in his office is that he is far more consistent in living out what he does not believe than Christians are in living out what they profess to believe. He holds to a lie, and then speaks his lies. Modern evangelicals hold to the truth, and yet lie like he does. And then are amazed at the president's staying power.
He is committed to his god. He enforces his lies with bombs. He blows up civilans to maintain his lies. The modern evangelical church is committed to nothing in particular.
The Bible says something to this problem of ours: "If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked" (Prov. 29:12). We have a president who delights to hear a lie. He cannot speak without lying. He listens to lies, he invents lies, he sends his friends out to lie for him, he delights in a lie, he spins lies like a juggler in a good circus, he schedules press conferences in order to have an opportunity to lie. He lies about sex, and when we blow up Albanians he says the Serbs did it.
The Word of God says that those who are in his employ are wicked. Not misguided, not gullible, not civic-minded public-servants toughing out a difficult administrationóbut wicked. The open tomb that is our president's mouth has swallowed up the State Department and the United States Marine Corps.
In the meantime, anyone who wants to know how this culture of lying has overwhelmed us need look no further than the ModEv church. Simply look at what the Bible teaches, and then look at what is said and done on an average Sunday in almost all of our churches.
We complain about him, but judging from our theological lies, we really must want this guy.


The Need for Student Violence

By Douglas Jones

Look past the thin tears. Modern statists inwardly delight in the recent student violence. Every politician loves a crisis.

But it's no sin to point to a crisis in order to call for a change. From the beginning God Himself has supplied disasters to motivate us to act in terms of eternal issues. Our hearts are sloths, and disaster wakes us up for a time. Prophets point out the coming doom, and sometimes a Ninevah repents.
Modern statists, however, don't really want repentance or progress. Unlike some older statists, the chief end of moderns is change in itself, for itself. They thrive on conflict and loathe a sabbath. A mature, peaceful culture would violate their essence-semper revolution. Constant change is the backbone of all forms of relativism, for relativism "frees" its people to invent their own rules.
And when relativism nixes any objective rules, the State conveniently becomes the absolute arbiter of morality. Morality is reduced to civil law. Only civil violations matter, not adultery or lying.
Student violence fits beautifully within this marriage of relativism and legalism. Moderns and their schools have preached for decades against objective rules and parental authority, but then they turn pale when students believe them.
The crisis du jour provides the requisite public fear to allow politicians to expand State power further. No civil laws cover the new crisis, so their priests have another excuse to express their devotion to change.
The State, however, is always a cyclops, with a view lacking both breadth and depth. It can only see more violence as the cure. It has no other tool. So it threatens violence against guns and movies. Moderns get to cause the violence and cure it in an endless cycle, never a rest. What an inspirational worldview.
The most disgusting part is their hatred of the victims. If they really respected the victims, they wouldn't dare think of advancing their own political agenda. Instead, they choose to sell their wares to the weak, like lawyers at a plane crash. But as always, we let them, rather we encourage them to do it. After all, it takes a village to sell the dead.

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