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Volume 11, Issue 3: Footnotes

Our impeachable sources

Quotations in Order of Appearance


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1 Ruskin, The Seven Lamps p. 178.
2 Frank Lloyd Wright cited in Jonathan Hale, The Old Way of Seeing (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1994) pp. 185, 191. "Usonian" is not a typo; it was Frank Lloyd Wright's term (via Samuel Butler) for the utopian ideal of the United States.
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1 National Review, March 22, 1999, pp 36-43.
2 Gore's thoughts on sprawl can be gleaned from his Sept. 2 1998 speech to the Brookings Institute, which can be found at In this speech we learn that during Mr. Gore's tragic childhood, the pollution in his hometown was so bad that the nylons would literally dissolve on women's legs if they wore them outside. Yipes!
3 James Howard Kunstler, The Geography of Nowhere (New York: Touchstone, 1993).


1 Perhaps better described as a booklet, this 97-page document with 18 chapters is a compilation of 13 articles from the Protestant Reformed Church's periodical, The Standard Bearer. There is no date of publication listed, but The Standard Bearer articles were from April 1, 1995 through December 15, 1996. The address for The Standard Bearer is 4949 Ivanrest Ave. S.W.; Grandville, Michigan 49418. Web versions of the Standard Bearer articles can be found at http://www.prca. org/articlesamillennialism.html.
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&134; Every family has its stories, and this one is from mine. The events recorded in this blank verse poem occurred to my mother's side of the family, the Cutayars, over months spanning 1943-44. It's written from my mother's perspective who serves as the young girl narrator.

A Little Help for Our Friends

• Wanted: Politically Incorrect Diplomate of A.B.F.P. to join single malt scotch and cigar-friendly small group (3) family practice in Beautiful Moscow, Idaho. Contact Dr. Grauke at (208) 882-7565 or (208) 882-4284.
• All Saints' Presbyterian Church of Lancaster PA, a mission church of CEF, is seeking a godly pastor, committed to the reformed faith and biblical child-rearing. (Being a good golfer wouldn't hurt.) Lancaster is a great place to live and has a great school (Veritas Academy, charter member of ACCS). Responses may be directed to Marlin Detweiler, 1250 Belle Meade Dr., Lancaster, PA 17601 (tel) 717-519-1974 (fax) 717-519-1978 [email protected]
• Parents, Teachers, and others interested in a Christian and classical school forming in Prescott, AZ, please contact us at (520) 778-2538 or [email protected]
• The 1999 Fall Macrobrewer's Convention will be held October 28-30 on the topic Celebrating Amillennialism: Gnostic Skivvies on Parade. For more information write: 302 S. Main, Moscow ID, 83843 or call: (888) 227-8783. Topics covered—How hopelessness helps complexion, Disbelief through the years (a slide show set to the music of Neil Young), 101 Rhymes for Gnostic, and more!

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