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Volume 11, Issue 3: Magistralis

Soft Pelagian Rears

Nathan Wilson

Let us begin with a sweeping generalization. The Christian church is directly responsible for all that is despicable about our culture. Not responsible because she sat idly by and watched it all happen, but because she has brought it all about by her own actions and with her very own hands. It has often been said that culture is religion externalized. Any culture will look and smell the way its religion does. And because our religion is so pathetic, American nipples and tongues are frequently pierced. Because the church has used an impotent grape juice in the Lord's Supper for so long, representing an impotent gospel, Mr. Clinton is our president.

The gospel is central to all of Christianity, and the church has been busy presenting her own emasculated Reader's Digest version to the public. A man-centered foolishness has landed us in many forms of the ridiculous. From democracy to grunge, abortion to a soft currency, all our culture's flaws can be traced back to various lies in our modernist gospel.
We see culture born from religion throughout history. The Romans and Greeks worshiped powerful, beautiful, and wicked deities. Their culture mirrored their worship. Where did the culture of the Aztecs find its origin? And the Vikings? Both worshiped gods with a bloodlust not because they themselves were bloodthirsty, they obtained their bloodthirst through the worship of their gods. Muslims serve a non-Trinitarian transcendent god, with whom they can have no communication. Is it a coincidence that Muslim fathers have the same relationship with their children and wives that their god has to them? The truth is that all men are made in the image of the one true God, but all men also take upon themselves the image of the god they purport to serve. The Christian is progressively sanctified, gradually reflecting a more perfect image of God. The Viking, Roman, or atheist gradually takes on the image of his god, becoming harder, crueler, or weaker in his deity's service. National or ethnic culture is just a bigger picture of the same thing. When our country was overwhelmingly Christian, our culture bore a Christian image. Now that our church worships a spineless god, we have become a spineless culture. Arminianism has given birth. Her large litter includes political correctness, women in combat, a fast-food consumer mentality, and the death of good poetry. Such is the fruit of an emotionally based, man-centered religion.
But how did this revolution take place? For if indeed all our problems are rooted in flawed religion, then it has been a revolution, for this country had a Reformed culture at its birth. When did all the evil Arminian folk invade? Truthfully, they did not invade and are not to blame for our cultural degeneracy. They are certainly encouraging it now, but they did not introduce the evil. The Calvinists have been the problem in our culture, beginning with the halfway covenant, and they have not learned from their mistakes.
The Reformed became corrupt throughout the 19th century. They began to chase after doctrine only, and failed when it came to applying that doctrine to their lives. Young men, trained in Germany, then pushed the envelope of what was considered to be doctrinally acceptable. Then they pushed it more and the old guard failed to repel the attack. Why? Because for a long time, they themselves had been living inconsistently with their own principles. They had scrapped the truth in effect but had stopped short of throwing it all away in theory. The next generation did that for them. Reformed thought was not overthrown, it devoured itself.
Today it seems that Reformation once again has a pulse. This is no illusion, but it is deceiving. Many have merely returned to the ways of our foundered fathers. They talk of their newly recovered doctrine of salvation, they have familiarized themselves with the ins and outs of eschatology, and as a result they have lots of impressive sounding words they can roll around on their pink tongues. But they stop short of actually allowing the truth to run its course in their lives. Young men sit on the front porch and discuss the Reformed theory of walking, and debate over which direction they had best proceed, and yet they remain seated on their soft Pelagian rears. They are just as feminine in their religion as the people they most look down upon. All that these young valiants have regained is the losing point of Reformation. They refuse to give up their self importance, and so they retain their man-centered lifestyle. But they have increased their holiness in their own minds and so have even magnified their own self importance, if that be possible.
In truth many Arminians are much better Christians than these so-called Reformed. For they have told their Father that they will not go to the vineyard, and yet have gone. But neither is good; a culture can't be built with such men, and even less with the men who say that they go but do not. Our culture is currently one built upon hypocrisy and lies. It is a lost culture of a lost religion. The church has stumbled and fallen. Much was given to our fathers, and we have lost it. We had truth, and now we have wild and crazy youth ministers, and our civil order has paid the price. We had men of God; now we have ordained sodomites. The church has slept around, and we live among her bastards. We must repent and believe, for we bear the image of our god.

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