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Volume 12, Issue 3: Footnotes

Our impeccable sources

Quotations in Order of Appearance


1.Too ubiquitous to require citation.
2. Too smarmy to require citation.
3. Too well-known to require citation.
4. John Makujina, Measuring the Music (Salem, OH: Schmul Publishing Co., 2000), p. 84.
5. Ibid., p. 102.
6. Ibid. p. 107.
7. Ibid., 181.
8. Too dumb to require citation.
8. Too classic to require citation.
9. Janet Reno, Martin Luther Apocryphal Anthology (East Harmony, Arkansas, Stumpwater Press, 1612), p. 6ff.
10. Too trendy to require citation.
11. Hermaaan Vaaaaanderdweeeeen, Famous Last Words Review (New York, CA: Rock and Roll Dutch Institute, 2003), p. 00.
12. Too basic to require citation.
13. Too punsy to require citation.
14. Some album.
15. Too clever to require citation.
16. Too vowel-oriented to require citation.
17. Too weird to require citation.
18. Too imitative of Bolton to require citation.
19. Too made up to risk citation.
20. Off the radio, thirty or so years ago.
20-29. Who cares?


1. John Calvin, The Beatles and Profundity: An Augustinian Perspective on Norwegian Wood (Philadelphia: Prometheus Books, 1971), 2138.


1. C. Stephen Jaeger, The Envy of Angels (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1994), 191. Jaeger's excellent book is the inspiration for this entire article, as well as my source for every quotation.

Rest of Us:
We made up all our stuff. But nobody reads footnotes anyway, so we're fine.

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