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Volume 13, Issue 1: Footnotes

Our impeachable sources

Quotations in Order of Appearance


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A Little Help for Our Friends

• The Seventh Annual Christian Worldview Student Conference will be held July 9-14, 2001 at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA. It is sponsored by Calvary Reformed Presbyterian Church in Hampton, VA. Further information, contact Byron Snapp at (757) 826-5942; (757) 825-5843 (fax); [email protected]; or 403 Wheaton Road Hampton, VA 23666.
• Send Wodehouse books to Lutherans in Chad. How could you do anything else? Info: Paul and Teresa Szobody, Mission Fraternelle Lutherienne, B.P. 11, Gounou Gaya, Chad, Africa
• Parts of this might be helpful: NUCC says, "Tired of having to water-down your sermons because politically incorrect statements might jeopardize our tax-exempt status? Looking for some real freedom to speak to the vital issues of the day? Then the National Unlicensed Church Conference is for you! April 16-17, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For a brochure call 262-675-2804 or go to www.mercyseat .net. For unlicensed church materials call 417-337-7533 ext. 1.

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