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Volume 13, Issue 1: Meander

Boom Chicka Boom

Douglas Wilson

I am curious about something. Next time a terrorist act occurs in the Middle East or somewhere (suicide bomber type thing), turn on the evening news and wait for somebody in the State Department to denounce it as a "cowardly act." Now I can think of lots of criticisms for this kind of thing, but cowardice is not really one of them. I mean, the guy blew himself up for the sake of his cause. Misguided sure, but cowardly?

If you can, try to get a CD entitled Performed in Heaven - Congregational Psalm Singing from Scotland. It is produced by Christian Focus Publications over in Great Britain. Check it out at Good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff out of the UK, you should also try to get Grace and Its Fruits, which is a selection of John Calvin's writings on the pastoral epistles. Evangelical Press publishes this one.

A recently published flyer has come into my possession, and it reads, and I quote, "Left Behind The Movie" All it needs is the first person plural pronoun to the left of Left.

I think we should be more sensitive to the theology that is latent in language than we are. For an example, the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals (a great group, honestly, three cheers) recently noted in a letter that they were engaging in the open theism debate in their Scholars' Colloquium. Greg Boyd, a leading proponent of openness theism, was listed as their "discussion partner." Try as I might, I just cannot imagine Augustine and Pelagius as discussion partners.

A correspondent, well-informed in things Delawarian, has notified us that a friendly shot we took at the University of Delaware (in the Cave, a long time ago and far away) was misguided. Their mascot is the fightin' Blue Hens, the InterVarsity student group is much larger than the Gay/Lesbian/Homo group, enrollment at UD was 19,000 not 30,000. In short, we were all screwed up.

This last year a number of openly homosexual clergy were elected to the Church of England's General Synod. As the western Anglicans (Canada, USA, UK) drift closer to nihilism and ecclesiastical bedlam, keep an eye on the Third World bishops. They are in the middle of a Matthew 18 process, and may wind up cutting this hopeless corruption out of the Church.

The Spiritual Counterfeits Project Newsletter reports on yet another instance of Christians acting out the lead role in Gullible's Travels. A story published on the web by The Onion (a satirical and frequently blasphemous publication) had noted, in a very obvious send-up, that the Harry Potter books had sparked a rise in Satanism among children. This in turn was spread around the net by gullilble Christians, zealous in love and good works.

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