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Volume 13, Issue 2: Footnotes

Quotations in Order of Appearance


1. Edward Gross, Will My Children Go To Heaven? Hope and Help for Believing Parents (Phillipsburg: Presbtyerian and Reformed, 1995), x.
2. Actually Charles Hodge quoting Horace Bushness approvingly. Cited in Lewis Schenk, The Presbyterian Doctrine of Children in the Covenant (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1940), 143. We’ve heard rumor that Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing, Phillipsburg, NJ will be reprinting this classic text.
3. Robert Rayburn, "The Presbyterian Doctrines of Covenant Children, Covenant Nurture, and Covenant Succession" at
4. Westminster Preface cited in Schenck, Presbyterian Doctrine , 151.
5. Charles Hodge cited in ibid., 140.
6. Robert Rayburn, Th.D., pastor of Faith Presbyterian Church, Tacoma, WA ( This summary of covenant succession is included by permission of the author.
7. Schenk, Presbyterian Doctrine , 158.


1. With the pop psychiatrist a close second.
2. Dr. Janov is quick to tell you that screaming and pounding walls isn’t what it’s all about, and that primal therapy is "scientific" and not an art form. Being the victim of a public school education, I tend to think he must be right after all.
3. Read the story here.
4. Peter Breggin, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and former consultant with the National Institute of Mental Health , blows the whistle on the irresponsibility of the mental health industry in Toxic Psychiatry (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1991).
5. One wonders what criteria must be satisfied in order to call your counseling "Christian."
6. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV. For a Biblical critique of the DSM-IV see John Babler’s "A Biblical Critique of the DSM-IV" in The Journal of Biblical Counseling, v. 18, #1 (Fall 1999).
7. For a demonstration that psychology is a competing religion with Christianity, and neither neutral, nor scientific, see Ed Bulkley’s "The New Gospel: Pyschology is a Competing Faith" in Return to the Word, June/July 2000, and his book, Why Christians Can’t Trust Psychology, (Eugene: Harvest House, 1993).


1. Herbert Enderton, A Mathematical Introduction to Logic (New York: Academic Press, 1972) 15.
2. M. Bergman, et al, The Logic Book (New York: Random House, 1980) 6.
3. Sainsbury., 8.
4. Ibid., 30.
5. Ibid., 45.
6. G. Lakoff and R. Nunez, Where Mathematics Comes From (New York: Basic Books, 2000) 135.


1. E.g., in 1903, the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. adopted a Declaratory Statement which denied the possibility of non-elect infants dying in infancy and it reads as follows: "With reference to Chapter X, Section 3 of the Confession of Faith, that it is not to be regarded as teaching that any who die in infancy are lost. We believe that all dying in infancy are included in the election of grace, and are regenerated and saved by Christ through the Spirit, who works when and where and how He pleases." (As cited in Boettner, Loraine. The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination (Philadelphia: Presbyterian and Reformed Pub., 1963.)
2. Ibid., citing Dr. S. G. Craig.
3. Zens, Jon. Is There A Covenant of Grace? (Solo Christo, 1999), .


1. Selected Works of John Calvin: Tracts and Letters, edited by Henry Beveridge and Jules Bonnet, Volume 4, Letters, Part 1: 1528—1545, translated by David Costable (Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1983), 92.
2. John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, translated and annotated by Ford Lewis Battles (Atlanta: John Knox Press, 1975), 100.
3. John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, John T. McNeill, ed. (Philadelphia: The Westminster Press, 1960), 894.


1. Since this column is about "reading" movies and not recommending movies, we’ll not be including cuss counts or nudity numbers, as legit as those concerns are. See for help in that.


1 While Moody never embraced all the details of the new dispensational premillennialism, he was clearly influenced by it. In 1886, Moody supported Miss Emma Dryer’s new Bible school in Chicago aimed at quick training of Christian laymen. This school eventually became fully dispensational and was eventually named Moody Bible Institute.
2 George M. Marsden, Fundamentalism and American Culture, The Shaping of Twentieth-Century Evangelicalism: 1870—1925 (New York: Oxford University Press, 1980), 31.

A Little Help for Our Friends

• The Seventh Annual Christian Worldview Student Conference will be held July 9–14, 2001 at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA. It is sponsored by Calvary Reformed Presbyterian Church in Hampton, VA. John Hodges, Peter Leithart, Joe Morecraft, Herb Titus, and Steve Wilkins will be speaking at the conference. Further information, contact Byron Snapp at (757) 826–5942; (757)825–5843 (fax); [email protected]; or 403 Wheaton Road Hampton, VA 23666.
• Send Wodehouse books to Lutherans in Chad. How could you do anything else? Info: Paul and Teresa Szobody, Mission Fraternelle Lutherienne, B.P. 11, ounou Gaya, CHAD, Africa

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