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Volume 13, Issue 2: Masthead


Credenda/Agenda is published bimonthly, (either in hard copy or electronically, as funds permit) as one of the literature ministries of Christ Church (the other literature ministry is Canon Press), a member of the Confederation of Reformed Evangelicals ( Credenda mailing and phones: P.O. Box 8741, Moscow, Idaho 83843. (208) 882-7963. FAX: (208) 882-1568. For subscriptions, email your address to [email protected]; letters to the editor to [email protected].
A statement of faith is available upon request, although we are in essential agreement with the confessional statements of classical Protestantism. The statement describes our doctrinal editorial policy; it does not define our boundaries of fellowship. Quotations are from the AV unless otherwise noted. Permission to reproduce material from this publication is hereby freely granted, though a small donation to Greenpeace would be in order. Please provide appropriate credit and send a copy of the reprint to the address above.

Editor:Douglas Wilson
Senior editor: Douglas Jones
Managing editor: Nathan D. Wilson
Contributing editors:Chris Schlect, Jim Nance, Ben Merkle, Duck Schuler, Jack Van Deventer, Gary Hagen, Peter Leithart, Patch Blakey, Joost Nixon, Gregory C. Dickison, Roy Atwood.
Contributors: Nancy Wilson Technical editors:Nancy Wilson, Charles Nolan, Paula Bauer Circulation:Judi Christophersen, Chris LaMoreaux Cover design and setup: Rebekah Lee Merkle, Paige Atwood Unofficial Surf Sponsor: Pacific Wave Surf Shop

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