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Volume 13, Issue 4:

God Struck America:

Land That We Love


On Theme:

Verbatim: Quotations on Our Theme
Falwell and Others

Thema: A Column on Our Theme
God Struck America - Douglas Wilson

Basic Issues - God's Sovereignty, The Judgements of God, The National Pantheon

The Word is a Hammer

Mr. President

Responsibilities of Faithful Saints

Cave of Adullam: National Day of Prayer
Order of Worship
Priests of Every Baal

Special From Us:

A brief glance over this issue of Credenda will show a number of "this-time-only" changes.
The aftermath of the terrorist attack of September 11 has been revealing, to put it mildly. Because of the crisis, and the deeper crisis of people wanting to forget the nature of the crisis, or, as they put it, "wanting to get back to normal," we thought it necessary to devote an entire issue to this subject. Because we wanted to speak before Americans successfully retreated back into their normal befogged state, this meant that we had to turn the issue around fairly quickly, at least for us.
We thought the best approach was to simply address the entire subject in one large article. Different parts of this one article had different points of origin, as a careful reading will reveal. Some was taken from a sermon preached on September 16th. Other portions are from email exhortations delivered to the congregation of Christ Church here in Moscow. Another part is from another sermon preached a few years ago on the moral corruption of our current regime. The rest of it is largely written to the occasion. We regret the editorial rough spots, but we wanted to get the shot off while the enemy was still in range, and not wait until he was long gone to shoot at him with a clean gun. We would ask all the copy editors on our list to bear with us.
We have some advertisements in this issue, and a few comments about them are necessary. Because of our situation, we wanted to avoid any appearance of "business as usual."At the same time, there are some advertisements of materials that we believe will help Christians think through their responsibilities in our polytheistic America.
The advertisement on page 27 is for five sermons preached after the bombing. Two are by Steve Schlissel in Brooklyn, two by Steve Wilkins in Monroe, Louisiana, and one by me. All the proceeds from this tape set will be donated to Messiah's 9-11 Relief Fund, for use in providing relief for Christians affected by the bombing, and also to support those bearing the administrative costs of getting that relief to them.
The other thing about the advertisements will be obvious at a glance. Because of our short turnaround time here, the ads are somewhat Spartan. Again, bear with us.
Those Christians who were laboring faithfully for the reformation of the Church before all this should get back to it. That is the need of the hour. Those who were trifling with holy things—in their sermons, music, books, and trinkets galore—should knock it off. America really can't afford any more of modern evangelicalism.

Douglas Wilson

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