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Volume 13, Issue 4: Thema

Mr. President

It may seem odd to address a man who is not likely to read any of this. But until the Christians of our nation start hammering away at these things, so that he comes to hear them, repentance is still far from us.

John Knox used to get in trouble with Mary Queen of Scots because he would preach a sermon and someone would go off and tell the Queen what he had just said. And then he would be summoned to give an account of himself for the sermon to the Queen. Well, that needs to start happening to us. We need to start having ministers who are summoned to little interviews with the FBI: "Would you please explain . . ." We need to start giving a better account of ourselves, and we need to start speaking the truth in such a way that it cannot be ignored. And we have to stop whining about how we don't control the national media. The pulpit is God's medium, and that is what God wants us to use. God wants us to declare His Word to an unbelieving world, and He wants it done in power and with an authority that cannot be ignored.
Mr. President, you have a duty, according to Scripture, to retaliate against those who have done this thing. The sins of our nation are great, and we continue to sin by defending them as part of our way of life. But to refuse to respond to the terrorists would simply compound our sin. We are grateful that you are taking the military action you are. But we are grieved that you are not doing it in a spirit of appropriate humility, and that you have called upon idols to help. Remember that God can judge us over there as well as over here, and that you are sending troops into the field without any scriptural basis for believing that God—the real one—will prosper their important work. You are sending men into harm's way under the protection of false gods. They need to go there, and you need to send them. But not this way.
Mr. President, you have a duty to humble yourself away from the cameras—imitate the king who had sackcloth underneath his clothing (2 Kings 6:30). He did not understand the prophet, but understanding began to glimmer. Even Ahab was heard in this response (1 Kings 21:27). Do not think in terms of photo-ops. In a room alone with God—that is what you are, and nothing else. So humble yourself away from your handlers, humble yourself away from the photographers, humble yourself away from the journalists.
But if you humble yourself truly, you will have something to say to all the manifestations of hubris that afflict us in this. Start with the initial name given to our response by the Pentagon—Operation Infinite Justice. Operation Infinite Justice? The name was apparently withdrawn after a few days because it could prove offensive to Muslims—only Allah can mete out infinite justice, you see. That would be correct, if Allah existed. The name was not pulled because it was offensive to Christians, because Christians don't get offended by anything like this, as recent events show. Christians don't, can't, or won't think. One thing these jihad-crazies have over us is this—they can follow a simple argument. If Allah is God, our God isn't. I would rather have cloth wrapped around my head like a devout Muslim than have my head filled with cloth like a devout American Christian.
But let us take the brief name of our response as our example of American hubris anyway. The name was pulled because it was offensive to idolaters, and not because of repentance. It should be obvious to us by now that pride goes before a fall, and overweening pride goes before a spectacular fall. Why not Operation Omnipotence? Why not Operation America is God? For those familiar with The Horse and His Boy, why not Operation Bolt of Tash Falling From Above? Operation Rabadash?
When men speak this way, it reveals their faith in the god behind all the "gods" invoked at the Pantheon. That god is demos, the people, man. And when man exalts himself, God slaps him down. There are men fearing the true God who will be in the military units deployed against these terrorists. These Christians will fight them, and fight them honorably. But do not provoke God further by having them fight under such a silly and presumptuous banner, or anything like it—like Operation Pantheon.
Mr. President, you have a duty to meditate on the poetic justice in this—these terrorists were wicked men, but they would have to fly many more jetliners into many more skyscrapers in order to catch up with us. In the murder game, we are still millions of souls ahead. But it seems that pro-choice Arabs still make us angry. Why? By what standard?
They are choirboys compared to us. The terrorists were wicked, every name applied to them over the course of the last week, that's what they were. Were they lunatics? Yeah, they were lunatics. Were they bloodthirsty murderers? Yes, they were. And they were choirboys compared to us. Our moral stench far exceeds theirs.
And when you tell us that this is a battle between good and evil, and we believe it, we obviously do not have a clue. "It's my personal choice whether I want to fly a jetliner into a skyscraper—that's my personal choice—what's it to you?" We say, "But . . . but, but you're killing another person." I see, and in abortion we are not? What are we thinking? What are we talking about? By what standard do we make these judgments? If we have the authority to say that bits of protoplasm in the womb are nothing but bits of protoplasm, then they have the authority to say that we are the Great Satan, and the more skyscrapers that come down, the better. If we have that authority, then they have that authority. By our impudent and arrogant behavior, we have given them the permission to do this. We invited them here—we have said that in America there is no transcendant standard that will rebuke anyone's blood lust. And so we are under the judgment of God.
Further, to add just a bit of irony, our former pro-abort president, Bill Clinton, was there at the National Pantheon with you, and he was the last president to bomb Afghanistan. Do you remember why he did it? It was that wag-the-dog operation, getting his little scandal off the front pages. Do you really think this hypocrisy went unnoticed over there?
And last, Mr. President, repent of your platitudes—the foundations of America are not strong. They look imposing, just like the skyscrapers did. But when the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Ps. 11:3.) The Lord is in His temple.

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