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Volume 14, Issue 6: Footnotes


1. The Chaconne may be heard on the CD called Morimur, ECM Records, ECM New Series 1765. It is performed by Christoph Poppen on a baroque violin with members of the Hilliard Ensemble singing the chorale melodies superimposed on the violin playing. The performance is superb and one of the best CD purchases of the year.


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Ex Libris:

1. Pullman does not mention Allah or any Hindu god. It is clear that the problem, not only in our universe but in every universe, is the Christian God. It is not some vague general god that is being attacked, it is explicitly the God of the Bible.
2.More Christian imagery is included as they come out of Hell: as in Dante's Divine Comedy, "their eyes took in a canopy of dazzling stars."


1. Peggy Noonan, Friday June 7, 2002. The Other Shoe. "Obsessing over Sept. 11 distracts us from preventing the next attack." Opinion Journal.
2. Patrick J. Buchanan, The Death of the West, (New York: St. Martin's Press, 2002), 308.

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