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1. Jenkins draws a distinction between North America and Latin America, largely because the cultural differences between the two are so stark. The statistics he quotes vary widely between the two regions as well.


1. When threatened, this dirt-eating bottom-dweller becomes rigid and eviscerates [wrong word? maybe.] its stomach.
2. We discussed the evils of the "mail-order bride" system of pastoral selection last issue.


1. Quoted in Iain H. Murray, The Puritan Hope, Revival and the Interpretation of Prophecy (Carlisle, PA: The Banner of Truth Trust, 1971) p. 237-238.

A Little Help for a Friend:

A Christ Church mission plant is looking for a pastor. The families of Covenant of Grace Church in Elk, Washington, began worshipping together in August, 2002. The church currently has seven households in faithful attendance, and is in a position to call a pastor. The pastor needs to be committed to the Reformed faith, covenant renewal worship, Christian education, and the cultivation of parish community. Elk is a rural setting, located just 30 minutes north of Spokane. Those interested should contact Douglas Wilson at PO Box 8741, Moscow, ID 83843.

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