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Volume 15, Issue 5:

A Pauline Take onthe New Perspective


Thema: A Pauline Take on the New Perspective

Douglas Wilson rolls up his sleeves and gets expansive.

" Orthodusty always wants doctrines that can be counted on to stay put in their museum cases, and so therefore must reduce the glorious sola fide into solus assensus. However, the living Reformed faith has always maintained that saving faith is alive, and it expresses that life through assensus, notitia, and fiducia. And if fiducia is popery, then Iím a Hottentot. "

Verbatim: Quotations from Important People


Points of Agreement
Short Disclaimer
Justification by Faith a New Revelation?
Faith Replacing Works?
Law in Opposition to Grace?
Individual Relationship?
Judaism a Religion of Merit?
Paulís Burden of Guilt?


On Law and Gospel
On Justification
On Faith and Fidelity
On Baptism
On Heresy
On Giving Offense
On Helping the Heresy Hunt Along
On Being Truly Reformed (A True/False Quiz)

Presbyterian Fables:

Fable One: A Woman Named Faith
Fable Two: Abashed and Forgiven
Fable Three: The Sawdust Swirl
Fable Four: Wu Tang Presbytery
Fable Five: Laboring Mightily

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