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Volume 16, Issue 2: Recipio

Arrows in the Hand of a Limp-Wristed Man

Ben Merkle

The homosexual movement is by necessity a parasitic movement. Gay men don't reproduce and lesbians only do so with some clever science or helpful friends. Therefore, the gay world is a necessarily barren world and depends on the straight community for its children. Without the children of heterosexuals, the homosexuals could have no next generation. But, despite the homosexual sterility, the gay movement seems to have no shortage of new blood. So where do they all come from? The answer is fairly tragic. They come from the Church.

Christianity has become a spiritually castrated movement. As a Church we are not able to reproduce. We might produce children of the flesh, a host of Ishmaels, but no children of the promise, no Isaacs. Our children grow up in the Church only to lose interest in the faith and to walk away from the blood of Christ and the glories of the New Covenant. We have grown so used to losing our children to unbelief that we have begun to expect it. We expect apostasy so much that we grow skeptical of children who do not abandon the faith. And so the Church has become the incubator for the next generation of homosexuals.
But the expectation of apostasy is the spirit of the age and is actually larger than the Church. We expect our children to rebel against us, but so do the pagans. They all expect to face the day when their children will spit on the gods of their forefathers and strike out in a new direction. They expect this because this is what they did when they were young and (not being very imaginative) they can't fathom anyone being different. Vegetarians know that under the influence of bad friends their children will begin sneaking out in the middle of the night to McDonald's. Pacifists expect to discover their sons enlisted in the Marine Corps. Tree Huggers know that their children will someday probably take up whittling. Rebellion is an essential ingredient of American childhood. It's part of the American liturgy. So it's no wonder that the homosexual community expects our children to rebel since this is expected by everyone, including us.
The Church must repent of this terrible lack of faith. How can we say that we believe the Gospel, a Gospel which has been founded on promises to a thousand generations, when we don't even believe in blessings to the next generation? The Psalmist describes the children of one's youth as arrows in the hand of a mighty man. Our children are meant to stand next to us in the fight against God's enemies. But here we are staring at quivers full of arrows and all anyone sees are fresh recruits for our enemies. Run a thought experiment. Imagine two men in a small town debating the dangers of a particularly potent local Reformed Church which has begun causing a hubbub in the town.1 The congregation is about one thousand, which is particularly large for that community. Now one man says to the other, rather dismissively, that of those thousand church members, almost seven hundred are children. Should this fact make one more nervous or less nervous about the potency of the Church? What a terrible tragedy that a host of children in the Church's ranks calms the opposition, rather than filling them with fear.
Try another thought experiment. Imagine America at its founding, with a deep and glorious Christian heritage. Now imagine the overwhelming number of American Christian fathers raising their children to know the Lord. And imagine that continuing for just ten generations. What would modern America look like? How would things be different? So, why is it that we think the homosexual movement is a political problem requiring a political solution? Why is it that we think the heart of the problem is the shanghaiing of state legislatures or renegade judges in San Francisco? We continue our fevered politicking all the while handing the arrows made for the hand of a mighty man over to the opposition, generation after generation. The problem is us. The problem is in our churches and our families, not in our legislatures. We don't raise our children faithfully. And then, when our children turn on us and join the opposition, we blindly blame a political agenda.
Anyone serious about combating the homosexual movement must begin at home with repentance and faithful child rearing. And what a blessing from God that the most important battle the Church faces begins when you come home from work, take your tie off, and begin wrestling with your son. How many Christians, pastors in particular, neglect to play with their kids because they are busy doing the work of the kingdom? But in doing so, they are actually neglecting the most important work of the kingdom. Isn't it a tragedy that a young man would grow up to find the fellowship of sodomy more lovely and enjoyable than the fellowship of the saints? But how many Christian fathers are busy making it easy for their sons to draw just that sort of conclusion?
We have been given a kind, caring, loving Father in Heaven, whose attention is never hard to get, and we have been commanded to imitate Him to our children. In the whole fight against homosexuality, this is the most important agenda for us to pursue.

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