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Volume 16, Issue 3:

Playing With Knives


Thema: Playing with Knives: God the Dangerous

Douglas Jones works with a little Poe.

" Most of us look in Abraham's direction and long. Job's response is easier. I certainly couldn't play Abraham in front of a flamefaced child. We're all heads-down, counting mint and anise and cummin, while the Trinity puts on this amazing opera of history. Oh, to have the instincts of Abraham. To be quick enough to recognize the dangerousness of God in the face of evil and respond in awe: `Dammit. You're going to raise him from the dead, aren't you?' "

The Supporting Cast:

Sharpening Iron: Letters to the Editor
From Us, From You

The Cretan Times: New News
Douglas Jones

Flotsam: Jetsam
Aroma Therapy - Nathan Wilson

Presbyterion: On Church Government
The Evils of Pietism - Douglas Wilson

Musica: On Perky Tunes
A Godly Hearitage, Part 1 - Duck Schuler

Husbandry: For Husbands
Indwelling - Douglas Wilson

Femina: For Wives
Flattery - Nancy Wilson

Childer: On Childrearing
Parents as Social Engineers - Douglas Wilson

Ex Libris
The Da Vinci Code - Woelke Leithart

Cup of Shame - Gary Hagen

Schools, Secularism, and Slippery Slopes - Jared Miller

Liturgia: on Worship
Baptism is Baptism, Part 1 - Peter Leithart

Doctrine 101: Basic Christian Teaching
Christian Unity - Patch Blakey

Ex Imagibus
Biggies of Summer 1.0 - Nathan Wilson

Cave of Adullam: Mutterings Regnant
N. Debford Forrest

Footnotes, Etc.: Where We Got All This
Our Wonderful Sources

The War Out Back - Matt Whitling

Meander: A River in Greece
The Thick Plottens - Douglas Wilson

Pooh's Think
Covenant and Knowledge, Part 1 - Michael Metzler



Similitudes: Stories with a Point
A Boar in the Road - Douglas Wilson

"Andrew jumped aside at the last minute, and heard the sound of his trousers tearing. The boar skidded into the pile of wood, not yet a fire, and turned quickly for another charge. Andrew looked down and saw that the boar had wounded him in the leg with one of its tusks. He knew that he would not be able to jump aside a second time."

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