1. You have likely heard it said that Eskimos have a large vocabulary for various types of snow. Similarly today, Asian cultures that have multiple words for various kinds of shame and guilt. See Guilt and Shame in Chinese Culture: A Cross-cultural Framework from the Perspective of Morality and Identity. Bedford, Olwen and Kwang-Kuo Hwang. pp. 127-144. 146 8-5914.00210/full/
2. Diodorus Siculus 33.15.1. One of the principal non-Greek historians (circa 90-21BC), and a Sicilian who was a contemporary of Julius Caesar.
3. Mishnah. (seder Nezikin, tractate Makkoth 3.12)
6. Valerius Maximus 2.7.12
7. Mishnah. (seder Nezikin, tractate Makkoth 3:14)

Ex Libris

1. Is he already trying to cast the movie? The movie, by the way, is of course already in progress, directed by Ron Howard (who showed us Russell Crowe's beautiful mind).
2. This is probably just because they don't have time; the plot of the book takes place over a period of about twenty-four hours. Brown does do his best: sparks of attraction are flying mere hours after the characters are introduced to each other.
3. A search of reveals several books devoted to that purpose.

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