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Volume 18, Issue 1:

That Wonderful Cup


Thema: Bread and Wine for Children

Douglas Wilson takes the first swing.

"But what with one thing or another, and lots of Bible verses with covenant promises in them—I don't know, it was dark, they were big—I became a paedobaptist. And I was stuck with my previous argument. Becoming a paedobaptist necessitated becoming a paedocommunionist, straight off, at least if you were to go by how I had been talking a few months before. He who accepts the one must accept the other, or at least so I had argued. But I still did not accept paedocommunion right off, and the reason was another argument I had explicitly used as a baptist, but which I had now abandoned."

The Supporting Cast:

Millstones - Nathan Wilson

Husbandry: For Husbands
Communion as Communing - Douglas Wilson

Presbyterion: On Church Government
Bread Should Get Bread - Douglas Wilson

Childer: On Childrearing
Teaching Children to Doubt - Douglas Wilson

Liturgia: on Worship
Paedocommunion, the Gospel, and the Church - Peter Leithart

Assurance - Ben Merkle

Footnotes, Etc.: Where We Got All This
Our Wonderful Sources

Communing with Joyce - Douglas Jones

Pooh's Think
That Wonderful Cup - Virgil Hurt
Family Table - Randy Booth
Children's Church - Greg Strawbridge
Grace at the Table - Jeff Evans

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