1.A problem exists in the KJV mistranslation of the Hebrew rehmim as "unicorns." The rendering of this word as "wild oxen" in recent translations is more accurate, though the editors of this magazine may disagree (nobody likes them anyway). "Aurochs" would be even better in translation.
While several classical authors (e.g., Aristotle, Ctesius, Pliny) provide historical descriptions of primeval one-horned beasts, the biblical texts leave no room for such an animal in Psalm 22.
This inconsistent error (Brown-Driver-Briggs) was first introduced in the Septuagint, then perpetuated and further compounded by the Vulgate (which added an alternate rendering as rhinoceros in most instances).
But Scripture elsewhere specifically tells us that the r'eym had two horns on its head like those of a bull, that its young were called calves, and further that it was a cloven-hoofed ruminant.
Finally, Psalm 22 forms a chiasm from verse 12 through verse 21. The marshalling of enemies who hunt his soul comes as fierce bulls of Bashan, roaring lions, a pack of dogs, and scavenger soldiers gambling for his clothes. This order is then reversed in the cry for rescue: the sword (of the soldier), clutches of a dog, a lion's jaws, and horns of wild oxen. The final beasts featured in this chiasm of Calvary were not spiral-horned ponies.

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Holy Trinity Reformed Evangelical Church of Greenville, SC. A CREC mission church of Christ Church, Cary, NC. Weekly covenant renewal worship utilizing a rich biblical & Reformed liturgy. Plenty of Psalms, great historic hymns, and weekly covenant communion. Toby Sumpter—pastor. Contact Bob Corneroli at (864) 335-9645 or at [email protected]
Bethel Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Lake Charles, LA is seeking a pastor. Bethel practices a liturgical form of worship and the centrality of Scripture in all of life, weekly communion, psalms, hymns, creeds, corporate confession of sin, and responsive readings are all important aspects of weekly worship. A successful candidate would place a high priority on frequent fellowship and hospitality. Contact Doug Barberousse at (337)824.2016 or [email protected]
Christ Covenant Fellowship is meeting regularly in the greater Chicago area to see a new local CREC church established. Creedal, confessional, and faithful to the covenant of our Lord Jesus Christ. Committed to studying the Scriptures, singing Psalms and hymns, and praying for God's guidance and the ministry of His greater Church.

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