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Volume 18, Issue 3:

Stinkers in the Church


Thema: The Genesis of Church Splits

Douglas Wilson writes a little piece on stinkers.

"But note this well. Cain is the first man who was ever born. He is the archetype for all men who want to dwell in the City of Man. The first man ever born of woman was the man who rose up and killed his brother. He is the pattern of worldliness. And why did he kill him? Because Abel was righteous, and Cain was unrighteous, and this meant that Abel was going to win every competition unless Cain cheated."

The Supporting Cast:

Birthday Hum - Nathan Wilson

Presbyterion: On Church Government
Picking a Text - Douglas Wilson

Husbandry: For Husbands
Bounded Patriarchy - Douglas Wilson

Femina: For Wives
Where are the Abigails? - Nancy Wilson

Ex Libris
American Theocracy - Reviewed by Brendan O'Donnell

Childer: On Childrearing
Beyond All That - Douglas Wilson

Liturgia: on Worship
When the Stones Start Flying - Peter Leithart

Kinkade and the van Xs - Joost Nixon

Voodoo Meaningfulness - Douglas Jones

The Unspeakable Gift - Gary Hagen

Cave of Adullam: Mutterings Regnant
Pooh the Invinthible

Footnotes, Etc.: Where We Got All This
Our Wonderful Sources

Doctrine 101
According to Your Works - Patch Blakey

Meander: A River in Greece
Drink Muddy Water, Sleep in a Hollow Log - Douglas Wilson

Planting Seeds - Matt Whitling



Similitudes: Stories with a Point
Maggie Laughs - Douglas Wilson

"Whose is that?" he asked Maggie. She looked down where he was pointing, but without seeming to have any real curiosity. "That must have belonged to the man who used to live here before the dragon." She stopped and said nothing more.

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