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Volume 18, Issue 3: Cave of Adullam

Mutterings on the Regnant Follies

Pooh the Invinthible

Aw Coorant
People like to mail things to the Cave, and one of the more popular items to send are newspaper clippings of churches advertising how aw coorant they are, as the guy in O Brother, Where Art Thou? put it. Maybe aw coorant is not the right phrase. With the program. Up to date. Not laggy baggy. This one, in from Willamette, provides a good example. "You won't hear religious cliches, mottos, or slogans. What you will hear is solid biblical teaching that is both `user friendly' and relevant to modern living."

User friendly, eh? Apparently the absence of religious cliches is no guarantee that there won't be other kinds.

Speaking of Getting Nekkid
A church youth group from somewhere in Germany (okay, Nuremberg) put together a 2006 calendar with twelve erotically charged images from the Bible. The photographer said, "There's a whole range of biblical scriptures simply bursting with eroticism." The young lady playing Rahab said they wanted to represent "the Bible in a different way." And the pastor said, "It's just wonderful when teenagers commit themselves with their hair and their skin to the Bible."

The true meaning of "offer your bodies a living sacrifice," Rom. 12:1-2. Why is German scholarship always ahead of us?

40 Miles North of Tampa. Figures.
Turns out somebody (that trouble-maker) is building a place called Natura, the "first nudist community for devout Christians in North America." The article I read on this goes on to say, "The lifestyle of these Christians doesn't necessarily make them lefties of the 1960s free-love, live-and-let-live mold. They tend to be deeply conservative on issues like homosexuality and premarital sex, and Republican, differing only from other Christians in their need and desire to be naked whenever possible."

Republicans getting naked whenever possible is not a selling point here.

No One Is Above the Law
There's this fellow, see, and he goes into an AutoZone store with a 9mm semiautomatic pistol in order to depart the premises a little richer than when he went in. But two employees in there changed the menu and beat him with a metal pipe. Then they added the indignity of holding him at bay with his own gun. When they went to call 911, this gentleman made good his escape. He was later apprehended by the constabulary, pled guilty, and was sentenced to 18 years as a violent repeat felon.

But the story has a happy ending, showing us what a fine legal system we have around these parts. The felon is now suing AutoZone (and the two hardy employees), saying they were guilty of "assault and battery" and saying they intentionally inflicted "emotional distress."

Just Say No to American Drugs
Over objections from the FDA, the state of Nevada has made it possible for residents of that state to buy prescription drugs from Canada through adroit usage of what Al Gore would like us to start calling "the Internet."

Yeah, well, the state of Nevada lets people do other bad things too.

Payback Time
A low-budget feel-good film called Facing the Giants recently got smacked by the Motion Picture Association of America, who dealt it the low blow of giving them a PG-13 rating. The reason for warning parents that some "parental guidance" might be called for here? Well, it turns out that the movie is "too evangelistic."

Turns out the MPAA doesn't want folks looking at evangelistic materials before the age of accountability.

Something Might Go Terribly Wrong
Have I mentioned that people mail me stuff? One such item was the miraculous medal of St. Catherine. "All who carry this medal will receive great favors. . . . The favors will abound if it is worn with devotion."

Can't risk it. I am far too much of a Protesetant, and might start seeing visions of Calvin, Turretin, and Hodge in the tortillas.

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