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Volume 18, Issue 3: Masthead


Credenda/Agenda is a religiously and philosophically Trinitarian cultural journal. The magazine is designed as a tribute to the good life, the life that can only be known in a world in subjection to the Trinity. Fall: the sweet smell of fields burning, the smell of pumpkins swelling, the human impulse to wear sweaters too soon. Combines have combed our hills and if you put your ear to the earth, you can hear the sounds of football. C/A attempts to revel in these and every other cause for faithful laughter. We are published as one of the literature ministries of Christ Church (the other is Canon Press), a member of the Confederation of Reformed Evangelicals (

A statement of faith is available upon request, though we are in essential agreement with the confessional statements of classical Protestantism. Especially all the bits about baptism. Should I say it again? Why would I? You people never listen anyway. The statement describes our doctrinal editorial policy; it does not define our boundaries of fellowship.

Editor: Douglas Wilson
Senior editor: Douglas Jones
Managing editor: Nathan D. Wilson
Contributing editors: Ben Merkle, Peter Leithart, Patch Blakey, Joost Nixon, Jared Miller, Matt Whitling, Gary Hagen.
Contributors: Nancy Wilson, Newton's Second Law
Technical editors: Nancy Wilson, Jared Miller
Circulation: Brooke Wilson
Cover design:Paige Atwood
Front Cover Photography:Kelvin Wakefield
Back Cover Photography:Erick Jones
Inside Cover Photography:Frederic Vigouroux
Illustrations: Mark Beauchamp
Subscription Mailing and Phones: P.O. Box 8741, Moscow, Idaho 83843. (208) 882-7963. FAX: (208) 892-8724 or [email protected]
Editorial Correspondence: C/A considers unsolicited manuscripts in fiction and poetry. Non fiction will not be considered. Fiction and poetry submissions should be sent electronically to [email protected] Letters can be sent to:
Anselm House
205 E. 5th
Moscow, ID 83843
or [email protected]
Manuscripts will not be returned. Please do not submit manuscripts by mail.
Reprints: Permission to reprint material from C/A is hereby granted, except in the case of art, fiction, and poetry. Please provide appropriate credit and supply a copy of the reprint to the address above.

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