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Volume 19, Issue 3:

Various Visions of Federal


A Cautionary Note

Douglas Wilson passes on a word to the folk in his own corner

"First, it was a wise Puritan who said that the devil loves to fish in troubled waters."

The Federal Vision (in one easy lesson)

Douglas Wilson takes rookies on a guided tour from the roof of a double-decker bus.

"I was watching my nine-month-old grandson Seamus sitting quietly on our front lawn yesterday, being covenantally faithful to the best of his ability. He did not have to earn his position there, and he did not have to attain to it."

A Joint Federal Vision Profession

A thorough statement collectively embraced by leaders and names associated with FV.

"We therefore ask others to accept that the following represents our honest convictions at this stage of the conversation. This statement is therefore not an attempt at evasion or trickery, but simply represents a desire to be as clear as we can be, given our circumstances."

Against the PCA GA FV Report
(twenty-four variations on a response)

Peter Leithart rumbles.

"FV: You know, for kids."

Can a Nature/Grace Dualism Be Born Again?

Douglas Wilson and gnostic grace.

"If you assume that in the supernatural act of regeneration, God comes down and implants a grace node in your heart, then this is a form of gnosticism, and it helps perpetuate that pestilent nature/grace dualism."

Life in the Regeneration

Douglas Wilson snippets.

"Christ was born again from the dead. Because of this, the whole created order was born again from the dead. Because of this, Israel was born again from the dead and is now the Church. Because of this, a man can be born again and enter the Church. If he was already in the Church, he can be born again and become a true son of the Church."

Federal Vision Haiku

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