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Volume 7, Issue 2: Cave of Adullam


Klaus Van der Hoot

Ban the Avocado Now
The Moneychanger reports on a British study that indicates a possible positive correlation between vegetarianism and heart disease. "The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine reports that vegetarian-leaning societies in South Asia have higher rates of heart disease than meat-eating Britain which consumes massive amounts of allegedly killer animal fats. Heart disease in India, Pakistan, & Bangladesh are 40% higher than in Britain. In Singapore, the locals' vegetable based diet is associated with 400% greater incidence of heart disease than the pork-consuming local Chinese."

Asleep At the Switch
And in the same chirpy publication we learn that federal "auditors have discovered that 237 government planes are missing, presumably misplaced."

Some federal guy in charge of airplanes has been asleep at his desk so long one side of his head is flat1

Can't Tell The Players Without A Scorecard
Citizen magazine reports President Clinton on NPR, before the election, saying this: "Sometimes I think the environment in which we operate is entirely too secular. The fact that we have freedom of religion doesn't mean we need to try to have freedom from religion, doesn't mean that those of us who have faith shouldn't frankly admit that we are animated by that faith, that we try to live by it and [that] it does affect what we feel, what we think and what we do."

And we think the modern world is confusing enough without the President trying to take down the wobbly wall of separation between Baal worship and state.

A Loaf of Bread, a Jug of Wine, and How!
New Man, the magazine for Promise Keepers, contained an ad from an outfit called Valentine Festival of Marriage. The copy ran like syrup on a warm winter day in Vermont. "Give Your Wife a Romantic Weekend. We've combined the romance of a second honeymoon with our Christ-centered marriage enrichment festivals to 2make this a weekend you and your Valentine will never forget. Experience: Exciting Worship, Praise, Drama, and Music. Elegant Dining. Challenging Workshops. Inspiring Keynote Speakers."

And we need more "romance-as-foundation-for-marriage" like we need a dead trout in the punch bowl.

True to Form
In a recent issue of the American Spectator , Thomas Sowell provides a much-needed dispassionate analysis of The Bell Curve by Murray and Herrnstein. The argument Sowell presents against a "hard-wired" genetic determination of intelligence is compelling.

But we are still reluctant to give up our long-held belief in the genetic inferiority of at least one racial group. As Mencken so aptly put it, " . . . the American Anglo-Saxon has stuck to his hereditary guns . . . [this] Anglo-Saxon of the great herd is . . . the least capable of true civilization. His political ideas are crude and shallow. He is almost wholly devoid of aesthetic feeling. The most elementary facts about the visible universe alarm him, and incite him to put them down. Educate him, make a professor of him, teach him how to express his soul, and he still remains palpably third-rate."

A Little East Leavens the Whole Lump
David Chilton has announced in Again magazine that he is now Eastern Orthodox in his heart, although he has not formally joined that communion. He cited as his reason for staying out of the EO church the fact that his "family remains divided over the issue . . ."

Maybe he means that his Father is unhappy with the move.

Non-Linear Thunderings
In a recent article for Christianity Today , a modern Jeremiah rebukes those who are complacent in Zion. "Most of the power brokers of evangelicalism, since the turn of the century, have been white, obsessive-compulsive males. Ever since the days of the Princetonians (Warfield, Hodge, Machen, et al.), American noncharismatic evangelicalism has been dominated by Scottish common sense, by post-Enlightenment, left-brain, obsessive-compulsive white males."

But things are looking up. As Christianity Today illustrates so well, contemporary evangelicalism is dominated by little old ladies of both sexes.

Riplinger's Believe It or Not
A book has been published recently, defending the King James Version, kinda sorta. It is called New Age Bible Versions , and was written by a G.A. Riplinger. All Bible versions, excepting the King James, are exposed for being a part of the demonic and New Age preparation for the coming One World Government of the Antichrist.

Of course, as advocates of the majority text, we are troubled by the fact that this kind of attack can be mounted on the King James Version as well. All that is needed is mastery of the non sequitur, and a functioning caps lock on the keyboard. "Consider Erasmus, the FATHER of the Textus Receptus! A well-known PAPIST and advocate of FREE WILL, Erasmus was a SON OF THE DEVIL, and open member of the KIWANAS and ROTARY! It was only a matter of time before this manuscript, this spiritual TROJAN HORSE, was brought in to the church (!) by QUEEN JAMES the sodomite, and erstwhile WHORE of BABYLON. Repent ye, Toad Flats, Arkansas!"

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