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Volume 7, Issue 6: Cave of Adullam

Mutterings on the Regnant Follies

Sir Percy Dwinkle

Speaking of Heresy . . .
AInterVarsity Press, which actually, in terms of its orthodoxy, has been circling the drain for some time now, has published Truth is Stranger Than It Used to Be by Richard Middleton and Brian Walsh. It is touted as a lively examination of postmodernity, and the "viable Christian responses." As Carl Henry pointed out in his review of this situation, a few more viable responses like this and conservative Christians can head for the Dead Sea Caves. One or two quotes from the authors should suffice. "Any notion of truth as arrival, that somehow we've arrived at the truth and this certain formulation is final, that kind of truth we are happily abandoning in the book." The other author adds, "Even the truth of the gospel . . . is a human construction."

Yes, but have we arrived at the truth that truth is not arrival? If not, then what's the point, hey? If so, then what's the point, hey?

Let's See If the Non-Christians are Making Any Sense
Reuter reports that India's Supreme Court has cracked down on Hindus turning Moslem in order to marry more than one wife. India's legal code has different standards for members of different religions. Hindus get one wife, and Moslems get up to four. Some Hindus have been converting to Islam, and their principal interest does not appear to have been theological. But the court has now said that a Hindu can be punished if he converts to Islam to marry a second time.

Our suggestion is to have the U.N. send in peacekeepers.

MCI Looking Better All the Time
The nation's largest telecommunications company is committed to using its vast resources to open America's mind. Consider: AT&T was one of the main sponsors of the Gay Games IV and Cultural Festival in New York. AT&T directly solicits homosexual customers with a mail campaignlavender envelope containing a letter from some of AT&T's gay employees. AT&T indoctrinates its employees to accept the homosexual life-style using the video "On Being Gay" by activist Brian McNaught.

The thing that baffles us is how an electronics giant still hasn't figured out male and female cable couplings.

The Dullard Militant
An anabaptist writer, Mr. G. Edwards, has written a book entitled How to Meet Under the Headship of Jesus Christ. Chapter 24 of this thing is an astoundingly, um, wisdom-impaired screed against John Calvin"John Calvin Revisted" [ sic ]. While it is always a matter of at least some interest to see radical anabaptists shilling for papists, the recycled slanders are not the central point. The point of his unbelievable ad hominem attack on Calvin is to drum up indignation against Calvin's central offense, which apparently was the invention of the Sunday morning church service. "I do not like laymen being silenced. I do not like to sit for an eternal hour in an auditorium when I could be home, sitting in front of my Kenmore dryer watching it go into spin dry! Believe me, the second is a lot more fun than the first." The chapter concludes, "Calvin, some of us are through with your church service. There are better ways than this to gather together."

Mr. Edwards does not like laymen being silenced, but for some reason has been doing his best to come up with a clear specimen which shows why some of them ought to be.

Things Gittin' Reel Skeery Out West
The Home School Court Report informs us of the vigilance of both Time magazine and the New York Times Magazine which both managed to link the Oklahoma City bombing to, among other things, homeschooling. The headline for the NYTM piece, by a one Mr. Weiss, read, "Enter Government-Hating, Home-Schooling, Scripture-Quoting Idaho, the New Leave-Me-Alone America at Its Most Extreme."

Scripture-Quoting Idaho?

Re-Electing Jesus
One of our e-mail friends received a letter inviting their "Youth Pastor" to attend a planning session of the "Body." Plans were to be made for a "See You At The Pole" gathering, a Billy Graham Crusade, and a Halloween replacement program. The letter was signed by " Name Withheld, Servant of The Committee to Re-elect Jesus Christ Lord and Savior."

Everybody get out there and vote! Many are called but few choose!

Feminism, Knee-Deep in the Bouillon
Shannon Faulkner waged a two-year battle to be admitted to the all-male Citadel. Having won, she crumpled from the heat on the first day of the initiatory "hell-week" and spent the rest of the week in the infirmary. The week ended with Shannon quitting amidst a general hubbub, some of it cheerful and some not.

We realize that this news item is dated, by the time you receive it and all, but for egalitarian types, certain kinds of information are new every morning. In that category we cheerfully place the clear and obvious differences between the sexes, and postmillennially speaking, we look forward to the day when this info loses its shock value for the folks at NOW.

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