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Volume 8, Issue 2:

Through a Glass Brightly

A Biblical Aesthetic in a Fallen World


Verbatim: Quotations on Our Theme
A Christian Aesthetic - Various Saints and Observers

Thema: A Column on Our Theme
Wine Dark Sea - Douglas Wilson

Sharpening Iron: Letters and Responses
Readers and Editors

Anvil: Editorials
Douglas Wilson & Douglas Jones

Magistralis: On the Civil Magistrate
The Beauty of the Law - Gregory C. Dickison

Presbyterion: On Church Government
The Noise of Your Songs - Douglas Wilson

Husbandry: For Husbands
Masculinism- Douglas Wilson

Femina: For Wives
Home Ownership - Nancy Wilson

Childer: On Childrearing
Tough All Over - Douglas Wilson

The Puritan Eye: Thoughts from the Past
Calvinism and Art - Abraham Kuyper

Exegetica: Text Exegesis and Exposition
Of Those Who Believe - Jim Nance

Similitudes: Stories with a Point
Peanut Gallery - Douglas Wilson

Stauron: On the Cross
The Beauty of the Cross - Jim Nance

Non Est: On Unbelief
"For Glory and Beauty - Douglas Wilson

Repairing the Ruins: On Education
"In Loco Parentis - Douglas Wilson

Poetics: On the Arts
Beautiful Meaninglessness - Douglas Jones

Doctrine 101: Basic Christian Teaching
The Church Victorious and Beautiful - Patch Blakey

Historia: On History
Freude, Schöner, Götterunken - Chris Schlect

Disputation: An Exchange of Ideas
Christ and Culture - Douglas Wilson and Michael Horton

Cultura: On Culture
Faithful Aesthetic Acts - Roy Atwood

Africanus: Missionary Life
Genuine Imitation - Csaba Leidenfrost

Eschaton: Finale
Matthew 24 (Pt. 1) - Jack Van Deventer

Cave of Adullam: Mutterings Regnant
Rev. Mrs. Idolette Digby

Footnotes, Etc.: Where We Got All This
Our impeccable sources

Pictura: A Story, not too Long
Easy lies - Douglas Wilson

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