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Volume 9, Issue 1: Masthead


Credenda/Agenda is published bimonthly, or as funds permit, as one of the literature ministries of Community Evangelical Fellowship (the other literature ministry is Canon Press). CEF is a member of the Confederation of Reformed Evangelicals ( Credenda mailing and phones: P.O. Box 8741, Moscow, Idaho 83843. (208) 882-7963. FAX: (208) 882-1568. Email subscriptions to: [email protected]; letters to the editor to: [email protected].

A statement of faith is available upon request, although we are in essential agreement with the confessional statements of classical Protestantism. The statement describes our doctrinal editorial policy; it does not define our boundaries of fellowship. The editors are not chowderheaded theonomists, and hold that chowderheaded theonomy is contrary to the law of God, which is, of course, binding on everyone, especially chowderheads. Quotations are from the NKJV unless otherwise noted. Permission to reproduce material from this publication is hereby granted. Please provide appropriate credit and send a copy of the reprint to the address above. Sorry, we do not accept unsolicited articles. Well, okay, we accept them because we donít want to frighten the delivery person, but we donít publish them.

Editor: Douglas Wilson
Managing editor: Douglas Jones
Contributing editors: Chris Schlect, Greg Dickison, Jim Nance, Fred Kohl, Jack Van Deventer, Roy Atwood, John Grauke, Csaba Leidenfrost, Patch Blakey, Stan Landers
Contributors: Nancy Wilson, Stephen Thomas, Nathan Wilson
Special Reader:Wes Callihan
Technical editors: Nancy Wilson, Fred Kohl, Paula Bauer
Circulation: Chris LaMoreaux, Judi Christophersen
Production Assistant: Courtney Huntington
Cover design: Rebekah Lee Wilson

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