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Volume 9, Issue 4: Footnotes

Our impeachable sources

Quotations in Order of Appearance


1 Some have wanted to argue that Beowulf is a work of pagan origin, but the textual evidence is clearly against it. As George Jack put it, "Beowulf is plainly the product of a Christian culture, and more significantly it presupposes an audience well versed in Christianity." Introduction, Beowulf (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1994), p. 5.
2 Our poet was a thorough-going predestinarian: "No one could have . . . turned aside the Lord's will: world and men and all move as He orders, and always have, and always will" (ll. 2855-2859).
3 Tennyson knew that if he could figure out an uprooted flower, he would know all things. The flower was therefore incomprehensible. The wyrd sets boundaries for us.


* Doug Wilson replies: I just got back in town and thus can do little more than point out the obvious Hindu implications of running around the bases in a circle.


1 Stephen C. Perks, Christianity and Law: An Enquiry into the Influence of Christianity on the Development of English Common Law (Whitby, England: Avant Books, 1993) p. 22.
2 World Magazine, Vol. 11, No. 36 (WWW).

Repairing the Ruins

1 Samuel Blumenfeld, Is Public Education Necessary? (Old Greenwich, CT: Devin-Adair, 1981) p. 20, referenced in Steven J. Wilkins, America:The First 350 Years, (Monroe, LA: Covenant Publications, 1988) p. 131.
2 Wilkins, America, p. 131.
3 Ibid.
4 Clarence Carson, A Basic History of the United States, (Greenville, AL: American Textbook Committee, 1985) vol. 3, pp. 90, 91, qouted in Wilkins, America, p. 131.
5 Ibid., p. 91, quoted in Wilkins, America, p. 132.


* A casual reading will confirm that the "relics" considered in this article have nothing to do with worship. One common objection to "relics" is that they will stumble anyone who appreciates them into idolatry. For example, a friend has a page out of a 1484 Latin Bible matted, framed and hung on the wall of his office. One observer charged that it was just a matter of time before candles were being burned in front of this relic, and worship offered to it. Apart from the error of the objection, the objector was simply showing himself to be a true child of the nineties­greatly lacking in historical soul. And of course we must not worship relics. God says not to.

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