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Husbandry: For Husbands
Written by Douglas Wilson   
Wednesday, 14 October 2009 20:16

When John the Baptist came preaching a message of repentance, one of the more important things that he said was that the axe was laid at the root of the trees (Matt. 3:10). In times of cultural disintegration—a description our generation fits—one of the temptations we face is that of trying to pick up all the rotten fruit on the ground. Because there is so much of it, we think we are doing good when all we are simply doing is well. However many garbage bags we fill, the tree needs to come down. When the founda­tions are destroyed, what can the righteous do (Ps. 11:3)? One of the more important things we can do is to recog­nize that the foundations have been destroyed, and not allow ourselves to get distracted by some of the obscene decorative details in the cornice work, however outrageous they might be.

We often react to the manifestations of contempo­rary polysexuality as though they were the problem, when they are simply glaring symptoms of the problem. Metro­sexuality, sodomy, easy divorce, porn slavery, and trans­gender issues are all sexual manifestations of our reigning polytheism. If there is no unified and authoritative voice concerning our sexual affairs, then why should we behave as though there were a unified voice? And if there are multiple gods at the top of the system, as there currently are in our society, then by definition we can have no unified voice. When all the gods are talking at once, what can we hear?

The Church is currently functioning within this poly­theistic society, and has in large measure accommodated herself to it. The vast majority of Christians in America today do not believe that the Lord Jesus is the king of America, and so they have agreed to limit His claims of sovereignty as though they were authoritative only within the boundaries set by the by-laws of a special group of religious hobbyists, and whose main meetings happen to be on Sunday.

But this is having a destructive effect on sexual mores within the Church. Now I am not speaking here of non-believers who have gotten themselves into a real mess, and who, because they have come to the end of their rope, have turned to Christ. The Church must welcome all such refugees from the world. The problem is that when apostles from the world come and preach to us, they have a ready hearing with all too many sons and daughters of the Church, believers who have grown up in our midst. And when the message is one of sexual liberation (in the area of definitions, not necessarily behavior), the only way it can possibly receive a respectful hearing is if the Church has already made key accommodations with polytheism that prevent such things from being risible. The reason these apostles find professing Christians who are willing to con­sider that they have been a woman trapped in a man’s body, or that what they really need is the tenderness of another woman, or that sexual identities are a social construct, is that we have already abandoned the idea that God designed our bodies Himself, and He is the only authority on what goes where.

At the beginning of every worship service, every Sunday, I lift up my arms as the minister, and I say, “Let us worship the triune God.” Unless there is a massive refor­mation in the Church, one which returns us to the active, faithful, intelligent and evangelical worship of the triune God every Lord’s Day, we are going to continue to face an epidemic of polytheistic sexuality and misbehavior within the Church. And once we get to a certain level, the next step will be to challenge the legitimacy of any resistance to such sexual practices. To identify such lusts and desires as “misbehaviors,” as I just did, may come to be known as a hate crime.

After the triune God created our first parents, He told them to make love. He told them to be fruitful and replen­ish the earth. His word was authoritative over the marriage bed, and as the Creator of sex, He rejoiced over that word. But for those who have adopted the pandemonium of polytheism, that chaos of multiple voices, a similar pattern follows. The will of God or the will of the gods is always assumed to be authoritative over sexual affairs. The triune God says that one man and one woman are to marry one time. The array of gods makes a sexual declaration also. That declaration is, “To each his own.”

Those Christians who want to allow for “pluralism” in our society, while at the same time rejecting the sexual fruit of all pluralism, are setting themselves up for a long and frustrating task. Pluralism is simply the civic name for poly­theism, and once you have polytheism, you don’t have any way to herd the gods together and make them say the same thing. We cannot tell all the gods to strive for likeminded­ness, like they were good little Christians.

In a society where we are worshipping the triune God, we will still have to contend with the world, the flesh and the devil. Right worship doesn’t make temptation go away. The pull of sin would still be strong. What would not be strong is the pull of competing and multiple standards of sexual fulfillment.

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