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Written by Douglas Wilson   
Monday, 21 September 2009 11:10

So here is my very first entry for my very first review of vampire fiction for teenagers. Wish me luck.

Since this is what it is, and not, say, a book of theology, I will not be able to engage with its arguments on a chapter-by-chapter basis. Actually, I might be able to do that, but if I did, the results would be kind of pathetic on this end. Say that Bella, the protagonist, is walking to her next class in the rain, and if I were to take issue with that, saying that her route was not consistent in any way with a biblical worldview. I think such an approach would rapidly become tiresome for you, the reader, and it is your interests that I have in mind. So my plan is simply to make observations as I read through the book, and when we are done, I will assemble those observations into a review of the book as a whole. But for the present, we will just stay with the observations.

Bella, the protagonist, is from a broken home. She loves her mom, with whom she lives in Phoenix most of the time, and she gets on okay with her dad, who lives on the Olympic peninsula in Washington State. For reasons that are not yet explained, she is going to live with her father for a longer stretch than her normal summer visit. Because she is there during the school year, she has to go to this strange little small town school. She has a case of the new school awkwards, along with self-conscious teenage girl awkwards. On the first day she sees (across the cafeteria) a group of extraordinarily beautiful but strange people, Edward Cullen among them. When Edward sees Bella, he responds to her with hatred—“hostile, furious,” “glaring,” “black eyes full of revulsion,” and “hate-filled eyes.”

So here are the initial observations. Bella is vulnerable and lonely, unprotected because of her parents’ divorce. She notices a group of misfits who are strikingly beautiful. The normal people at the school are all gangly and awkward, just like she is—boring, boring. Her first encounter with these beautiful people shows just how dangerous it is. Edward is openly hostile, and her reaction is similar to what many girls from her background have—she assumes that she is the one with the problem.

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