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Written by Douglas Wilson   
Thursday, 05 November 2009 09:57

The set up that is unfolding in the second chapter of Twilight is a classic example of how women allow themselves to be abused. We know from the back cover of the book that Edward Cullen is a vampire, and that he has some level of desire (we do not yet know how strong) to destroy Bella.

In the first chapter, Edward had reacted to Bella’s arrival with overt hostility, anger and hatred. Bella at some level blames herself for this, when there is absolutely no reason to. In this second chapter, he suddenly switches and is thoughtful, kind, and considerate. The poor girl, right out of the counselors’ textbooks, is yanked around like she is on the end of a rope. The guy is a good cop and a bad cop rolled into one.

And it remains the case that the vampires are beautiful people. They are outcasts at some level, but apparently by their own aristocratic choice. The poor, lumpy regular people cannot hope to compete—I mean, these folks are “dressed exceptionally well,” they have “remarkable good looks,” and they excel with “that degree of beauty.” Edward has a “musical” voice, a “dazzling face,” “flawless lips,” a “crooked smile” that is “so beautiful,” a face that was “such a distraction,” he flashes “a set of perfect, ultrawhite teeth,” and he is a “bizarre, beautiful boy.” Well, then. Jeepers. This is what cartoon porn for the emotions looks like.

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