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Written by Douglas Wilson   
Monday, 09 November 2009 12:02

In the third chapter, Edward Cullen saves Bella’s life and gives away some clues that he is not your average normal high school kid. She continues odd and awkward, and he continues to be divinely edible. He has a “perfect face,” “brilliant teeth,” a “glorious face,” and, if we hadn’t made this clear yet, he had a “stunning face.”

So here is the set up for the story. He is a deliverer, a savior. Moreover, he is a delectable one. She is utterly unworthy of his attentions, knows it, and is deep into wanting them anyway.

He is in possession of a cluster of attributes to make him irresistible to women, and at the center of them all, he has an attribute that could be their destruction.

It is as though the sexual metaphor pervasive in this was given to a goldsmith who pounded it as flat as one of these metaphors can get. What kind of powerful urges do men have? You know, the kind that can destroy women, and yet fascinate them? Especially if the one with those dark urges has perfect teeth and a stunning face.

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