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Written by Douglas Wilson   
Sunday, 15 November 2009 17:13

Now that we are into Chapter 4 of Twilight, the story is settling at an altitude of three notches above terrible. Edward Cullen continues to be the heart-throbby one—what with his golden eyes, his black eyes, his “too-perfect face,” coupled with the fact that he is “interesting,” “brilliant,” “mysterious,” “perfect,” and “beautiful.”

And all the tension in the story so far is you don’t like me, nuh uh, yeah huh, and so on. Not only does he want to bite her neck, he doesn’t want to say anything about it apparently.

Now the thing is this—if this were not vampire fiction, but rather, say, premill rapture fiction, there would be all kinds of artsy fartsy Christians apologizing for it from here to Toledo. But because it is the kind of thing that might upset James Dobson, we give the writing a pass.

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