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Written by Douglas Wilson   
Friday, 18 December 2009 10:28

Not much to say about chapter 8, except to make a few notes about some things that we will have to develop later.

First, Meyer must have a deep theology or deep something with eyes, particularly eyes that are “golden butterscotch” (p. 170). But Edward is “crabbier” when his eyes are black (p. 171). He continues on in his perfections—“perfect crooked smile” (p. 168), “silken, irresistible voice” (p. 166), and “flawless features” (p. 162)—with all of them banging away on all eight cylinders.

At the same time, this is the chapter where Bella is directly threatened by the bad guys in this paranormal soap opera. She gets lost in Port Angeles—not an easy thing to do—and finds herself surrounded by some humanoid critters of some sort that do not have her best interests in mind. Edward, her “perpetual savior” (p. 166), shows up, and drives her off to safety. The draaama here occurs on two levels. The first is the danger that Bella is in, and Edward’s rescue of her. The second level is that Edward is “murderously angry” with the bad guys, and it is all that he can do to keep himself from going off to kill them. Why this would be bad is not explained.

For now it is enough to know that the object of Bella’s fascination is a lit stick of dynamite, fully capable of going off with a bang despite the fact he is apparently not supposed to do. And Bella is at that stage where the fascination with the bad boy has definitively set the hook.

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