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Wednesday, 19 January 2011 09:13

Pastor Rick Warren has recently pledged to lose 90 pounds, and is promoting what is called The Daniel Plan in his congregation at Saddleback. Now getting a bunch of Christians to lose some weight is no small task. It is not a trifling affair. Consequently, they have called in the big guns of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Swedenborgianism to help the faithful out.

This is called The Daniel Plan in honor of the prophet Daniel who heroically chose the Hebraic wheat germ over the Babylonian cheesecake, the Mosaic tofu over the Chaldean death-by-chocolate, and the Torah's carob cookies over the Mesopotamian deep fried fritters. Now some critics may say that these contrasting options are not really in the text. To which we reply, if something is cleared by Oprah, it doesn't have to be in the text. Where you been, man?

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storyr (Registered) 2011-01-19 11:05:19

One aspect of the "Daniel plan" that seems to overlooked by Rick Warren is the weight loss benefits of being sent into exile to serve a foreign king. I don't suspect Warren is calling for God's judgment on our nation, and the "innocent blood that is shed" (2 Kings 24). And, from my reading, I doubt that Daniel was forgoing the king's meat and drink because it wasn't organic :) I imagine another effective weight loss plan would be the "Jerusalem 70AD" plan.
Crystal Comis (Registered) 2011-01-20 15:54:34

Haaaa ha ha ha!!
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