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The Cave
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Wednesday, 26 January 2011 08:10

A recent Kanye West video shows him making sexual advances to a dead or drugged woman. Another clip in the video, with the words "are you willing to sacrifice?" being sung, shows a man sitting nonchalantly in an armchair, with two or three woman around him in lingerie, hanged by the neck until dead. One conservative web site noted the misogynist outrage with that word, outrage, in their headline, but then went on to tut tut about it in an impotent culture paint ball wars fashion. "Conservative groups question the appropriateness of 'explicitly glamorized necrophilia.'"

And Phineas walked up to the door of the tent, and cleared his throat. "Um . . . hello?" he said. "Are you there . . .? I really question the appropriateness of this . . . I have a petition here . . . Are you busy? I can come back . . ."

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