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The Cave
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Wednesday, 09 February 2011 09:13

One of the fun things about globalization is the realization that if you want to pay money for absolutely anything, there is probably a catalog out there somewhere trying to sell it to you. To wit, this morning some kind soul left, unsigned, on our editorial chair, a catalog that includes an item that helps you fulfill prophecy (Is. 11:12). You can airlift Jewish exiles back for their aliyah back to Israel for a mere 1400 clams. That’s for four people. Two people is $700, and just one is $350. But you really ought to go for at least two, because then you get two silver votive candles thrown in.

Still cheap at the price, but this is actually a fulfillment of two passages in the prophet (Is. 59:10). But there are no votive candles anywhere in prophecy.

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