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Saturday, 30 January 2010 13:49
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thanks for your Twilight series, Doug Wilson
Jen (Registered) 2010-04-09 17:30:37

It took me some time to see that a chapter by chapter review allows you to bring out and critique far more of the many lies in the book, than a one-shot review would have done. Unfortunately, it does mean that you had to finish the whole book. Fortunately, it gives that much more scope for your sarcastic wit. I look forward to to the installments.
thank you for "God Is Mocked"
Jen (Registered) 2010-04-09 17:31:24

It was a very appropriate read for Lent.
HTTYD is OK? Really?
Jen (Registered) 2010-04-09 17:42:39

Wow, now I can't wait to see it! Thanks for the heads up! I too was expecting a disappointing there-is-no-such-thing-as-evil message wrapped in the ostensibly exciting garb of dragons & vikings.
More from Gila Garaway, please!
Kyriosity (Registered) 2010-05-04 00:42:38

Really appreciated her diagnosis of the problem re African aid. Now I'm hoping to hear a prescription for treatment. Surely the *desire* to respond to the need is a good one, but if throwing gobs of money at the situation isn't the right response, then what is? Should we simply stop the cash flow? Or if there are some aid agencies that have a better approach than others, and are worthy of receiving our dollars? If so, by what principles should we evaluate aid organizations?
I love Dr. Wilson!
okimotor (Registered) 2010-05-07 19:18:27

Please more Entomological Wonders from Dr. Gordon Wilson! I can't get enough!
My only critique is that I can't believe you passed up such an opportunity to say "as in phthisis, psychic, and ptarmigan"!
mommavitek (Registered) 2010-05-10 15:17:34

Oh the fun of it all. Douglas Wilson, you make me laugh at myself. While i have indeed read all the books, only because I wouldn't be caught dead saying I didn't, i have to say, as a women looking for a little escapism, they do hit the spot. However, I must confess they are dangerous, and purely functional to serve only as the most careless of all dating 'how to' books. Write on master Wilson!
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