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New C/A
Simuliustusetpeccator (Registered) 2009-10-27 02:01:52

Okay, as I tweeted last week upon the announcement of this web version, I will definitely miss the print version. Alright, that's off my chest.

The web version is attractive. The look is clean but engaging. Not sterile. There are curves and corners.

Rolling agenda does have one disadvantage that I see. I have all the old print C/A on my shelf and use it frequently as a theological reference and a historical record of things Christian and reformed in the 90s. Many of the columns, while quite long, were quite thorough and provided enough detail for a hearty meal and a full debate. Shorter, more frequent contributions may not do that as much. Will shorter, rrrrolling (note the trill) content lead to as many books by Canon Press as in the past?
redeemed (Registered) 2009-11-01 07:21:03

Hi Guys

Iam trying to find thema volume13 issue5 on apolagetics?
From the Editors
bmerkle (SAdministrator) 2009-11-02 13:27:37

Pecs - While the new format will bring in a number of shorter posts, we do plan on still including longer, printed volume length, articles. See, for instance, the article on Vestments. Lord willing, by robbing us of the excuse to procrastinate due to lack of printing funds, this new format will lead to more books, not less.
Redeemed - All the old issues are archived and available. Click on the "Magazine" tab above. All the old issues are under "PDF Archive."
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