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Tuesday, 10 November 2009 09:15

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Comment on Humbling the Arts, part 1
angiebee (Registered) 2009-11-10 10:23:58

I enjoyed Pastor Wilson's piece, "Humbling the Arts." It made me think of Chesterton's book on Dickens. Here are a couple of good quotes:

"Dickens showed himself to be an original man by always accepting old and established topics. There is no clearer sign of the absence of originality among modern poets than their disposition to find new themes. Really original poets write poems about the spring. They are always fresh, just as the spring is always fresh. Men wholly without originality write poems about torture, or new religions, of some perversion of obscenity, hoping that the mere sting of the subject may speak for them."
Comment on Humbling the Arts, part 2
angiebee (Registered) 2009-11-10 10:24:17

One more:

"The book [The Pickwick Papers] originated in the suggestion of a publisher; as many more good books have done than the arrogance of the man of letters is commonly inclined to admit. Very much is said in our time about Apollo and Admetus, and the impossibility of asking genius to work within prescribed limits or assist an alien design....Minor poets cannot write to order; but very great poets can write to order. The larger the man's mind, the wider his scope of vision, the more likely it will be that anything suggested to him will seem significant and promising; the more he has a grasp of everything the more ready he will be to write anything."

You can read it online here:
C/A Selling Out to the Man
Simuliustusetpeccator (Registered) 2009-11-15 18:54:28

I saw Doug wearing the Britney mic at the Desiring God National Conference. It was very unsettling, very "the Man"-ish.

First the mic. Now C/A doing the internet thing...I don't know...Y'all been talking to Joel Osteen or something? If it's Mark Driscoll I might be able to handle it. But either way, the whole thing is just freaky, man...Covenant College, amill kind of freaky! Next thing you know, Wilson, Leithart, and Sumpter will be walking between the ferns as they preach on Sunday mornings, sporting a cardigan sweater and a cappucino (from Bucer's, of course, but that'll just be a facade). Turn back before it's too late!
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