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Volume 20



How to Think About the War
And Other Manifestations of Globaloney

Volume 20, Issue 1 / Spring 2008



Please hold your applause until the end of the performance


Douglas Wilson speaks of globaloney.


Nathan Wilson gets excerpted.


Peter Leithart writes 7 pages on Rosenstock-Hussey


Brendan O’Donnell tells a long joke.


Mark B. draws.


The Cave, The Cave, The Cave moves to the front.



The Contents of our TABLE

Cave of Adullam


How to Think about the War and Other Manifestations of Globaloney / Douglas Wilson

In the grip of abstractions, men are savage and pitiless. You can get away with a lot when fighting for “liberty, equality, fraternity,” or for “the solidarity of the working man,” or “democracy.”


How Not to Watch a Movie Like a Twelve-Year-Old / Douglas Jones

Entering a good story is primarily about learning to love some ugly person. That’s the gospel, isn’t it?


The Cross of Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy / Peter J. Leithart

“Torn men are dangerous men. They will go to hell and worship the devil of power for power’s sake.”


Walled City

What Men Wish Their Wives Knew About Porn
Douglas Wilson

Sibling Rivalry
Douglas Wilson

What Is a Conservative?

Douglas Wilson

The Woman’s Touch
Nancy Wilson


Welcome / Nathan D. Wilson

What the hell is this place? Just looking around, I can tell you that whatever is go­ing on, spheres are a theme, and so are insects.


The Joke / Brendan O’Donnell



Reading Notes / Peter J. Leithart

Blythe writes well, sometimes hilariously, about basketball, and is surprisingly insightful in his comments on class and race in the South.


Ecoguilt / Ben Merkle

Gratitude left unexpressed turns sour. It goes rotten and spoils

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